UPCOMING (selection):
2019: Radiophonic concert. Commisioned by Beethoven Foundation and Bonnhoeren. Bonn, 28.9.2019.
2019: 14. Bienal de Artes Mediales, Santiago de Chile (CL) November - December 2019
2020: Kabuso, solo exhibition with Lars Ove Toft. Hardanger (NO) January 2020.

2019: Struer Tracks Urban Sound Art Festival. New sound installation, Struer, Denmark, 22.08 - 07.09 2019
2019: Kongsvinger Kunstforening, «Festningen» curated by Helga-Marie Nordby. 24th.August - 29th.September
2019: Zeit-Ton-Passagen. 40-channel radio installation in Bonn. Open till end Sept. 2019. Article by R. Fulker HERE
2019: Osterøy Museum: “SPRANG” with Hilde Hauan. Commission: BEK and KORO. About Osterøy Museum HERE
2016- present:
Kongsvinger Fortress "The return of the Prime Meridian". Permanent work. Commission: KORO/Public Art Norway
2010- present: Herdla Museum "Yellow 16".  Permanent sound installation since 2010 at Askøy Island, Norway.

RECENT : (selection)
2019: Maia Urstad is awarded the Rune Brynestad's memorial Grant, Norway’s largest one-year grants for artists. May 2019.
2019: Lighthouse, Brighton (GB). MAKU: Maia Urstad and Anton Kats in residence, 13th-23rd June 2019. Curated by Eva Rowson.
2019: Hardanger Musikkfestival, New sound installation, SIDERSOGER, at Alvavoll, Lofthus, Norway, 6.- 10.06 2019.
2019: Universität der Künste, Berlin, Special guest at a lecture by Carsten Seiffarth at department of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.
2019: Art Fair Suomi 19, sound piece for Galleri Ruth’s Drive-In of Sound Art, an out-door artist-run sound gallery located along the high way.
2019: Borderline Festival, Athens. New sound installation, MURMUR at Onassis Cultural Center, 5.-7.04 2019
2018-2019: Bergen Kunsthall «On Circulation». 16. November 2018 — 13. January 2019.
2018: Upstairs, Bergen Kunsthall «Maia Urstad + Anton Kats», collaborative commision 20. - 25. nov.2018.
2018: Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, live performances from Maia Urstad + ИЛЬИЧ (Anton Kats). 23. nov.2018
2018: Bergen Kunsthall: “Plattform: On Maintaining Circulation” With Andrea Francke & Eva Rowson / Wish you’d been here, Anton Kats, Maia Urstad, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, and Hannah Gillow-Kloster. More HERE
2018: Bonnhoeren exhibition: «urban sound art», Athens, 19th-28th October 2018 at the Onassis Cultural Center

2018: Podcast from Ràdio Web MACBA: "In this podcast we talk to Maia Urstad about nostalgia, radio pips, AM, FM and DAB, about the importance of ska, about arches and obelisks, sounds in the fjord, and time capsules, about program 81, freqout, and foghorns, and about local radio stations and lost tapes".
2018: Deutschlandfunk "Zeit-Ton-Passagen". A 50 minutes’ radio commision for Deutschland Radio. Online until October 2019.

2016: Kongsvinger Fortress "The return of the Prime Meridian". Permanent installation since 2016. Commissioned by KORO/Public Art Norway
2010: Herdla Museum "Yellow 16".  Permanent sound installation since 2010 at Askøy Island, Norway.

2018: Artist residency in Berlin appointed by Bergen Kommune, Norway. Sept-Oct 2018
2018: The Ethernal Chord "Semper Liber". CD release spring 2018. With Charles Matthews, Clare M Singer, Hildur Gudnadottir, Anna von Hausswolff, Marcus Davidson Mike Harding and Maia Urstad. Curated by Mike Harding, published by Field Music.
2018: Nordens Hus, Island. Commisioned soundwork for Drive-in sound art gallery, curated by Tulle Ruth.
2018: Artist presentation at «Nye Stemmer», a project initiated and led by Rebecka Ahvenniemi. Bergen Library, Norway, 12th May.
2018: Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall: Live performance at the launch of Brandon LaBelle’s new book "Sonic Agency".  16th April 2018.
2018: Borealis Festival - Radio is Dead. Long Live Radio! with Anna Ramos, Jan Høgh Stricker, Peter Meanwell and Maia Urstad
2017: WDR Radio House, Cologne. "Babel Funkhaus", concert installation with Dirk Specht during Museumsnacht Köln. Nov. 4th 2017
2017: Maia Urstad is appointed as the “City Sound Artist of Bonn 2017" Read the Interview with Maia by Rick Fulker at Deutsche Welle here.
2017: Radio Hommage an Pauline Oliveros Live Ö1 Kunstradio broadcast by Elisabeth Zimmermann, under the direction of Mia Zabelka,
          With Maria Chavez, Ione, Zahra Mani, Doug Van Nort, DJ Spooky, Maia Urstad, Mia Zabelka. Part of Phonofemme Festival 2017. Vienna. 
2017: Carambolage. Maia Urstad is presented as city sound artist in Bonn; Q/A with curator Carsten Seiffarth and moderator Raoul Mörchen
2017: Babel Underground, concert installation for a tunnel and multiple voices. With Dirk Spech. DW Global Media Forum, Bonn. June 17. 
2017: Trafo Kunsthall, solo exhibition with Hilde Hauan,  26th August 2017 - 1st October.
2017: SPRANG. Visningsrommet USF, Bergen , Norway. Fibreoptic sound installation in collaboration with Hilde Hauan Johnsen.
2017: Margareth's Bells . GalleriRuth, Kartfjord, Lofoten. Commisioned soundwork for the Drive-in sound art gallery curated by Tulle Ruth
2016: Radio Taxi Buenos Aires. Proa Foundation Contemporary Space, Buenos Aires: Solo exhibition
2016: Taxi Argentina. Proa Foundation, Buenos Aires. Performance with Peter Meanwell and Lars Ove Toft.
: Freq_out 11, at Tonspur, Vienna. Curators: CM von Hausswolff & Franz Pomassl, April 2016 (AT)
2016: Radio Revolten II 2016. Sound installation in Halle / Saale Oct. - Dec. 2016. (DE)
2016: The 18th Annual High Zero Festival. Baltimore, September 2016 (USA)
2016: Works for Radio. Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, commisioned by The Lake Radio (DK) 
2015: Radio Barents, Barents Spektakel, performance, Kirkenes (NO)
2015: Landmark, Bergen - BEK Anniversary: "Taxi Argentina", performative sound work with Peter Meanwell and Lars Ove Toft
2015: Lutefish and old cassettes Lydgalleriet. Performative sound project with Conrad Kemp (ZA) curated by Daniella Cascella