Selected Sound Publications / Commissions / Radio / Discography:

2018: Podcast from Ràdio Web MACBA: "In this podcast we talk to Maia Urstad about nostalgia, radio pips, AM, FM and DAB, about the importance of ska, about arches and obelisks, sounds in the fjord, and time capsules, about program 81, freqout, and foghorns, and about local radio stations and lost tapes". Listen HERE
2018: Deutschland Funk, “zeit-ton-passagen”, 50 minutes commision for radio. Listen HERE.
2018: Borealis Festival Radio Space59. Maia Urstad : Meanwhile – Remix For Radio Space.
2018: BBC Late Junction, Verity Sharp, excerpt from Meanwhile - Remix as a preview for Borealis festival
2018: Art's Birthday 2018, "Tapeloping: 30th Anniversary radio stream", contribution to a generative radio stream by Absolute Value of Noise.
2017: Phonofemme festival, "Radio Hommage an Pauline Oliveros" at Ô1 Kunstradio (AT)
2017: NRK Spillerom (Norwegian Broadcasting), "Maia Urstad at Off the Page", interview about radio by Marion Hestholm
2016: Land Art Rebild, "Margrethe’s Bell" commision for a Sound art Drive-in Gallery, curated by Tulle Ruth.  (DK)
2016: The Lake Radio/Nikolaj Kunsthal; "Works For Radio", commissioned audio work. Copenhagen (DK)
2015: "A Simple Procedure" compilation inspired by John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes -Estuary Ltd, USA
2015: freq_out 1.2 SKANDION- vinyl release, mixed by CMvon Hausswolff sept 15. 
2014: The Eternal Chord (feat. Maia Urstad) From Spire, Live in Bergen 2013 [Touch]
2013: MIT Leonardo Music Journal 2013 CD compilation curated by Seth Cluett
2013: Reina Sofia Museum; commission for RRS - Radio Reina Sofia Madrid
2013: ToBe Continued... Live streaming concert at, 24th March 2013
2013: THE WIRE Magazine - curated in the wire tapper «Below The Radar 12»          
2012: Touch Radio 81 - Live recording fra Cafe Oto, London.
2012: "Himmel uber Bergen", reworkings of "Sohrab - You Are Not Alone lll" Ash International
2012: Sveriges Radio "Ström P2" With CM von Hausswolff, M.Urstad, Scanner, Jim Thirlwell, Tommi Grönlund
2011: Sleek magazine, "sound and Silence" Berlin based quarterly magazine with CD compilation
2010: "Radio Danièle", contribution to a project by Christopher Williams at Bergen Kunsthall, and Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
2009: Resonance104.4FM, "Sound Soup", from solo performance at Wet sounds, Ultima’09
2008: Touch Radio 35 | FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA, live from Happy New Ears Festival, Belgium  
2008: "Dreamlands" - A3 print + digital download – 2007: CD release from freq-out 5 Chiang Mai, Thailand. with Building Transmissions, Belgium. 2006: CD release from Freq-Out 3 at Budapest Kunsthalle, Ungarn 2005: CD release freq-out 2 from Henie Onstad Kunstsenter: Ash International, 2005: Sound Works: «For those who have ears». Cork, Ireland 2005. Book and CD compilation.
1981: «Program 81» Mini-LP. (independent label)  
1981: «Prøv å nå fram..» LP (Norsk Plateselskap A/S 1982: «Pictures» LP (Norsk Plateselskap), nominated to the Norwegian art award Spellemannprisen
1983: «Slippe fri» LP (Pro-Gram-O’Phone)