Selected Sound Publications / Commissions / Radio / Discography:

2018: Borealis Festival Radio Space59. Maia Urstad : Meanwhile – Remix For Radio Space.
2018: BBC Late Junction, Verity Sharp, excerpt from Meanwhile - Remix as a preview for Borealis festival
2018: Art's Birthday 2018, "Tapeloping: 30th Anniversary radio stream", contribution to a generative radio stream by Absolute Value of Noise.
2017: Phonofemme festival, "Radio Hommage an Pauline Oliveros" at Ô1 Kunstradio (AT)
2017: NRK Spillerom (Norwegian Broadcasting), "Maia Urstad at Off the Page", interview about radio by Marion Hestholm
2016: Land Art Rebild, "Margrethe’s Bell" commision for a Sound art Drive-in Gallery, curated by Tulle Ruth.  (DK)
2016: The Lake Radio/Nikolaj Kunsthal; "Works For Radio", commissioned audio work. Copenhagen (DK)
2015: "A Simple Procedure" compilation inspired by John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes -Estuary Ltd, USA
2015: freq_out 1.2 SKANDION- vinyl release, mixed by CMvon Hausswolff sept 15. 
2014: The Eternal Chord (feat. Maia Urstad) From Spire, Live in Bergen 2013 [Touch]
2013: MIT Leonardo Music Journal 2013 CD compilation curated by Seth Cluett
2013: Reina Sofia Museum; commission for RRS - Radio Reina Sofia Madrid
2013: ToBe Continued... Live streaming concert at, 24th March 2013
2013: THE WIRE Magazine - curated in the wire tapper «Below The Radar 12»          
2012: Touch Radio 81 - Live recording fra Cafe Oto, London.
2012: "Himmel uber Bergen", reworkings of "Sohrab - You Are Not Alone lll" Ash International
2012: Sveriges Radio "Ström P2" With CM von Hausswolff, M.Urstad, Scanner, Jim Thirlwell, Tommi Grönlund
2011: Sleek magazine, "sound and Silence" Berlin based quarterly magazine with CD compilation
2010: "Radio Danièle", contribution to a project by Christopher Williams at Bergen Kunsthall, and Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
2009: Resonance104.4FM, "Sound Soup", from solo performance at Wet sounds, Ultima’09
2008: Touch Radio 35 | FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA, live from Happy New Ears Festival, Belgium  
2008: "Dreamlands" - A3 print + digital download – 2007: CD release from freq-out 5 Chiang Mai, Thailand. with Building Transmissions, Belgium. 2006: CD release from Freq-Out 3 at Budapest Kunsthalle, Ungarn 2005: CD release freq-out 2 from Henie Onstad Kunstsenter: Ash International, 2005: Sound Works: «For those who have ears». Cork, Ireland 2005. Book and CD compilation.
1981: «Program 81» Mini-LP. (independent label)  
1981: «Prøv å nå fram..» LP (Norsk Plateselskap A/S 1982: «Pictures» LP (Norsk Plateselskap), nominated to the Norwegian art award Spellemannprisen
1983: «Slippe fri» LP (Pro-Gram-O’Phone)