freq_out is a site specific sound installation consisting of 13 individual audio works which are presented as a single piece. The group consist of sound artists, architects, composers, producers, sculptors, mathematicians and visual artists. Each player is assigned a frequency range to work with. This process is carried out in situ, each player using a workstation consisting of mixing desk and PA system. All the resulting sounds are then mixed together in the space provided to create a sound installation. The first event took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2003.

Participants: Petteri Nisunen/Tommi Gronlund, Finnbogi Petursson, Franz Pommasl, BJNilsen, Jacob Kirkegaard, Mike Harding, Kent Tankred, J.G. Thirlwell, Christine Ödlund, Per Magnus Lindborg, Jana Winderen, Brandon LaBelle, Maia Urstad.
Curator: Carl Michael von Hausswolff.
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Article in Kunstjournalen by CM von hausswolff

freq_out 12
Tonspur Kunstverein, Vienna
Sound installation: "The last edition" at Third Man Sewer
21 April - 1 May 2016
Co-curator: Franz Pomassl
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freq_out Orchestra: "freq_out live"
Score: JG Thirlwell
Conductor: CM von Hausswolff
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freq_out 11 upcoming

freq_out 1.2
Skandion Clinic, Uppsala, Sweden
Permanent sound installation autumn 2014 onwards
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freq_out 10
The 5th Marrakech Biennial
Installation and solo performances
25 February - 31 March 2014
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Images of the installation here
Images from the performances here

freq_out 9
De Stedelijk, Amsterdam // Sonic Acts
Sound installation in the space of Dan Flavin
18 - 21 February 2013
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freq_out 8
Moderna Museet Stockholm
48 hours' sound installation February 2012
Video by Finnbogi Petursson here
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freq_out 7
Happy New Ears - Kortrjik Festival,  Belgium
Sound installation and live performances
September 2008
Listen to FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA on TouchRadio | October 2008

freq_out 6
Dreamlands Burn - Mucsarnok, Kunsthalle Budapest
Sound installation and freq_out Orchestra: "freq_out live"
20 - 23 February 2007
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Release freq_out CD3: Catalogue Dreamlands Burn from freq_out 6

freq_out 5 / Building Transmissions
Hosted by the Land Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Installation, presentations and performances
6 - 13 January 2007
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freq_out 4
Sonambiente, Berlin
Sound installation in a vault located under the historic Schlossplatz. 
1 June - 16 July 2006
3 June: freq-out Orchestra - live concert at Haus der Berliner festspiele, conducted by C.M von Hausswolff
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freq_out 3
Nuit Blanche, Paris
Communist Party building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer
1 October 2005
Co-curated by J.G.Thirlwell

freq_out 2
Ultima Oslo Music Festival 2004
9 - 17 October 2004
Sound installation at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
freq_out Ochestra: "freq_out live" at Blaa venue
Produced by Jana Winderen

freq_out 2 CD
The 2nd freq_out CD after Ash 5.8
Recorded at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway
touch label: http://touchshop.org

2016: freq_out 12 Tonspur Kunstverein, Vienna (AT)
2014: freq_out 1.2 (Skandion): permanent sound installation at Skandion Clinic, Uppsala (SE)
2014: freq_out 10 Marrakech 5th Biennial (MA)
2013: freq_out 9 De Stedelijk, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (NL)
2012: freq_out 8 Moderna Museet Stockholm (SE)
2008: freq-out 7 Happy New Ears Festival, Belgium (BE)
2007 freq_out 6 “Dreamlands Burn”, Kunsthalle Budapest (HU)
2007 freq_out 5 Chiangmai, Thailand (TH)
2006 freq_out 4 Sonambiente, Berlin (DK)
2005 freq_out 3 Nuit Blanche, Paris (FR)
2004 freq_out 2 Ultima Oslo Music Festival, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (NO)

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