The Idea of North, Gallery F15 Moss, Norway, 2005

The idea of North is an exhibition about sound and site in relation to the sound art of Canada, Iceland and Norway. The realization of THE IDEA OF NORTH include three distinct exhibitions, in Canada, Iceland and Norway, with three diverse groups of artists and artworks. The title of the exhibition refers to Canadian composer and pianist Glenn Gould’s pioneer radio documentary of 1967 about life in the North of Canada. 

The first two exhibitions of the idea of North occurred in the summer of 2005 at Galleri F15 in Moss/Norway and at Klink and Bank Art Space in Reykjavik/Iceland. The third and final exhibition took place in Halifax/Canada in January - February 2006. The Canadian exhibition was a multi-venue sound art event involving sixteen artists from Canada, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The curator of the Halifax exhibition Rhonda Corvese has chosen the two Norwegian artists, Jana Winderen and Maia Urstad, to participate in the Halifax exhibitions.


Stations at Bergen Fortress 1999. Photo by Pål Hoff

Portal built with cassette radios/CD players - an installation at the Fortress Bergenhus. The fortress area lies downtown, within the city space, though outside the core of the city. One is close to town, close to people, within earshot of traffic sound and other main city noises, although at a certain distance. A gathered form is needed for the installation, both audibly and visually.

The installation STATIONS is 3 meter tall, it consists of approximately 50 players, 12 synchronised CD-players included. The sound starts with the help of a motion sensor. The size of the portal is related to my size; I can touch the inner part of the arch with my fingertips.

Dates: 15th - 30th of May, 1999
Place: Outdoors at the Fortress Bergenhus
Composition and concept: Maia Urstad / MAUR Prosjekter
Production: MAUR Prosjekter,
Co-production: Bergen 2000 / Krakow


Ether installation in the Fløyen Forest, Bergen 1998. Photo: Sissel Lillebostad.

Situated on the intersection between silence and urban noise, four cassette radios hang from strings in the forest, a ten-minute walk from the funicular's topmost station at Fløyen.
The surroundings here are quiet; one can scarcely hear the city. Small sounds are easily conceived. The cassette radios are spread out, their sound dispersed over a rather large area.

Sound: Edited and composed medium-wave sounds and radio news programmes gathered from several European radio stations.

Dates: 3. October - 1. November 1998
Place: Fløyen Forest, Bergen
Composition and concept: Maia Urstad / MAUR Prosjekter
Production: Rhizome / MAUR Prosjekter

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