m o t l y d / SILENT SOUND
Sound as noise - noise as art - art as sound - was a 10 days event with researchers, musicians, composers, visual artists contributing with concerts, audio installations, films, lectures and discussions. Initiated and curated by Jana Winderen, Jørgen Træen and Maia Urstad.

Time: 5 - 14 October 2001
Venue: USF, Bergen
Curators and producers: Jana Winderen, Jørgen Træen and Maur Prosjekter/Maia Urstad.
Co-producer: BEK, Bergen Senter for Elektronisk Kunst

A collaboration between Jana Winderen and Maia Urstad. Floors and walls were painted yellow to just above head level, and turquoise lounge chairs provided for visitors to listen to new experimental compositions by various sound artists. The architectural sound emitting from 18 speakers in the space (sound installation for 18 speakers), enticed visitors into the room where they could sink down into one of the lounge chairs, put on a headset, and listen to noise-related music, pure harmonies, spoken texts, improvised music; works specially designed for headsets. New works were continually received in the course of the project and "laid out" fresh on a daily basis as "today's menu.

A collaboration between Jana Winderen, Trond Lossius and Maia Urstad. Four "zones" in a bisected space of 120 square meters were furnished with three separate sound textures distributed over 18 speakers. These "textural compositions" shared as their point of departure: Sound produced from the upper edge of a stemmed glass, sound of a radio not sufficiently tuned in, and sounds produced from a sound-synthesis. Together, these textures yielded an acoustic polyphony in the space, melding in a kind of architectural utterance, a tranquil, subtle "eternity" piece in constant transition. In two of the "zones" the playback sound was computer-programmed. In the other two zones, the sound was produced from 10 synchronized CD-players. The impression evoked is that of sound in movement.

composition by Maia Urstad In collaboration with clarinettist Gjertrud Pedersen. A work specially composed for Gjertrud Pedersen and Borggården at USF in Bergen: an open space featuring several floor levels, a glass ceiling approx. 15 meters high, with prolonged acoustic delay. The composiiton was especially made for performance on the uppermost landing of the space. The clarinettist "sends" the tones down to the audience several meters below. 

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